Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nurses Should not Get Sick

For nurses, it is very important to stay healthy. Nurses are working at hospital caring and treat patients. If the nurses are sick, who’s going to treat the patients? The nurses should take care about their health because they are very vulnerable to sickness. I mean the nurses were working around hazardous substances and they were around sick people, so they should care about them self. Since the nurses’ health is vulnerable, they should do several things to prevent sickness infection. The worst are the hazardous stuff such as radiation, needles, infectious agents, and many dangerous chemicals. There are several acts that the nurses could do to avoid the sickness. The first thing to have good health is taking vitamin D3. Before you take vitamin D3, you should test your blood. Each nurses take different dose of vitamin D3. Second thing is adrenal support. Adrenal support is important for nurses to avoid being stress. Third is to take potent mineral or multivitamin. Fourth is taking more probiotics because it can strengthen immune system. The fifth the nurses can do to maintain their health is to calm down their nerves after work. Nurses should get some rest enough and take some vacations. Sleep is very important because that is when the body recharges again. Taking Aswagandha is good to have good quality sleep. Use proper shoes to protect nurses’ knees and feet. In regard of detox, taking sauna regularly would really help.
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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Care of your Feet

We do our activities well if we are healthy. To do our activities well, we should have strong bones. As you know we walk here and there so our feet are very important for us. We know about rheumatism and osteoporosis and to avoid that we should care about our bones, in general,and our feet, just be more specific. No one wants to be incapable of walking that is why our feet important.

Maintain feet health is very important because none of us wants to be paralyzed. To protect our feet health, there are several tips that we all can do. Caring about our feet is not difficult; we can do it with so much fun. One thing that we can do to maintain our feet health without realize even is walking. We should walk a lot to make our feet healthy.

We can walk to the park or around our neighborhood, with our dog maybe, and we can run to. Beside to make your feet healthy, you can do cardio exercise at the same time.
Don’t overuse your feet because it is not good. You need to give your feet some treats so your feet feel comfortable. Walking and running is not good for your feet health only but also good for
your feet shape.
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Healthy 50’s for Men

We will all get older and our body performance will down. We will not as high spirit as we used to
be and it is normal. For men, it is important to stay healthy and there are several things they can do to maintain their health.

Maintaining good health is not that difficult. For men near 50’s, weight training is good. Men can do weight training until they 70’s to 80’s. Train the muscle is very good to stay strong or at least to slower your body back down. If you were a fat man, you should lose your weight. Fat body is the source of diseases. By that, your body will work easier since you cannot take the weight you carried when you were young. Train your muscle as I said will help you to get rid of your fat. Your blood health is also important. Make sure your blood pressure stable and normal. You are what you eat, so eat healthy food to stay healthy. Don’t eat too much oily meal.

Vitamins are good and you can take them to make your health better. It is better to avoid
than take any medication. Besides those tips, you would rather be happy in your old age than
complaining about your life.
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